Carnivore is a crossover thrash band founded by Peter Steele in 1984 from the ashes of the previous group Fallout, released two albums—Carnivore and Retaliation—before he left the band in 1987 and formed Type O Negative in '89. Carnivore reunited from 1994–96 and again from 2006–10 that ended when Steele died. In 2017, the band was reformed as Carnivore A.D. with vocalist/bassist Baron Misuraca taking Steele's spot in the lineup.

Carnivore (1984–1987, '94–96, 2006–10, 2017–present as Carnivore A.D.) · Type O Negative (1989–2010) · StereoType O Negative (2014–present) · October Noir (2016–present)
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