Harvest Moon: A Collection of Covers and Rarities (Part 2) is a YouTube-exclusive Type O Negative compilation album, uploaded by TYPEΘTV on March 9, 2017. There are eight tracks that are exclusive to this one, excluding "Druidess", which is the unreleased version of "Be My Druidess".

For Part 1 of this edition, go to Blood Moon: A Collection of Covers and Rarities (Part 1).

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  1. "Enemy of the State" (Roadrunner United cover) – 5:07
  2. "Druidess" (unreleased mix) – 5:29
  3. "Cinnamon Girl (Depressed Mode mix)" – 3:52
  4. "Black No. 1" (demo) – 11:13
  5. "Hey Pete (Pete's Ego Trip version)" – 5:20
  6. "Haunted" (unreleased mix) – 10:10
  7. "Suspended in Dusk" – 8:37
  8. "Green Man" (unreleased mix) – 5:52
  9. "Just Say No to Love" (Tony Iommi cover) – 4:25
  10. "Black Sabbath" (Black Sabbath cover) – 7:44
  11. "Can't Lose You" (demo) – 4:50
  12. "No Quarter" (Led Zeppelin cover) (live) – 1:03
  13. "Magical Mystery Tour" (The Beatles cover) (live) – 1:36
  14. "Predator" (Carnivore cover; feat. Evan Seinfeld) (live) – 3:50
  15. "Bad Moon Rising" (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) (live) – 5:36
  16. "Dear Prudence" (The Beatles cover) (live) – 1:18
  17. "If She Loved Me" (live) – 2:56
  18. "If She Loved Me" (cover) – 8:32

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