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October Rust is the fourth album by Type O Negative, released on August 20, 1996. This is the first album with Johnny Kelly credited as the band's drummer who took over the duty left by the departed member Sal Abruscato.

October Rust is the most favorited TON album. The album is certified gold by the RIAA.

Title and cover art[]

The title of the album October Rust infers that in the fall, leaves change to rusty colors. The album was released in August, not October, so the fans can help them prepare for autumn by listening to this music well before the leaves start changing colors. The cover art appears to show plant stems with thorns.

Album contents[]

October Rust has the most ballads and least doomy of any Type O album. It is melodic and has sludgy guitars, piano, synthesizers, and programmed drums. "Bad Ground" is a 38 second "joke intro" comprising only of low-level buzzing meant to sound as if the listener's speakers are incorrectly plugged in. The second and fifteenth tracks are spoken word intro and outro, respectively. Another production technique employed on the album is the use of very abrupt endings and segues to a few of the songs, like "Green Man", "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" and "Haunted".

"Love You to Death", "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend", "In Praise of Bacchus", and "Cinnamon Girl" are the four singles released from the album, the most of any Type O album. "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" is unique for the album that it has 1960s psychedelic riffs. "Cinnamon Girl" is a cover of Neil Young where Type O made it much heavier.

"Green Man" has instrumentation which makes the band feel warm and invited while being out in nature and covers Steele's fascination with nature and all four the seasons. "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" is a dirging, dark, sadful song with sleigh-bells that recalls four members of Steels's family died since the previous Christmas including his father dying on Christmas morning. "Wolf Moon" is about a man delivering oral sex to a lover in the woods while turning into a Werewolf.

The special version features additional three tracks after the last track on the original album—a band-titled Black Sabbath cover and two remixes of the earlier tracks.


  1. "Bad Ground" – 0:38
  2. "Intro" – 0:21
  3. "Love You to Death" – 7:08
  4. "Be My Druidess" – 5:25
  5. "Green Man" – 5:48
  6. "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" – 6:48
  7. "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" – 3:46
  8. "Die with Me" – 7:12
  9. "Burnt Flowers Fallen" – 6:09
  10. "In Praise of Bacchus" (alt. titled "She Hates Me") (feat. Val Ium of Pist.On) – 7:36
  11. "Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young cover) – 4:00
  12. "The Glorious Liberation of the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinnland by the Combined Forces of the United Territories of Europa" – 1:07
  13. "Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)" – 6:37
  14. "Haunted" – 10:07
  15. "Outro" – 0:09
Special edition bonus tracks
  1. "Black Sabbath (From the Satanic Perspective)" – 7:44
  2. "Haunted (Per Version)" – 11:47
  3. "Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)" – 3:55


  • This is one of just three albums where the cover shows a color other than green, white, or black; the others are Bloody Kisses and World Coming Down.
  • This is the most keyboard-laden album of TON career.
  • The musical elements in this album influenced another gothic doom metal band October Noir.
  • The album title 'October Rust' would later be mentioned in the lyric of "September Sun" of Dead Again.
  • It is tied with Life Is Killing Me for most tracks of any TON album.
  • This is one of two TON albums to not have any songs split into cantos; the other is Life Is Killing Me.
  • The album has the most singles released at four and the most music videos at seven (three official and four fan-made).
  • This is the only Type O Negative album starting with Bloody Kisses that doesn't have the title track.


  • Anime Reviewer of Heavy Metal Otaku (9/10) – "The instrumentation is superb, the vocals are top-notch and instantly recognizable, and the atmosphere that was created is just remarkable."
  • Ken Pierce of Sea of Tranquility (4.5/5) – "The most musical and atmospheric of their catalog."
  • BigHans of Sputnikmusic (5/5) – "A haunting, melodic, somber, gorgeous opus from a group that severely overachieved on this album."
  • An unknown user of Sputnikmusic (5/5) – "The whole album itself has a very autumn feel to it and it makes you feel as if you were taking a trip through the woods and watching the leaves fall down."


Group performers

Guest performer


Cover artworkers

  • Peter Steele – concept art, design
  • Laura Michaels – executive design
  • Joseph Cultice – photography
  • Tim Fitzharris – forest photography

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