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"Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" is a song by Type O Negative, included on the fourth album October Rust, released in 1996. It is also included on the imaginary Christmas-themed TON album Christmas Is Dead. This inspirational song is about Pete's father dying on Christmas morning as well as three other of his family members since the previous Christmas. The verse deals with the grief while chorus deals with how to cope with the pain from the personal standpoint. The song was written to cope with the pain. 'Red water' in the title refers to the red wine used to ‘chase them away’.

After beginning with horns, two Christmas carols can be heard in them—the first is the slow keyboard rhythm of "Carol of the Bells" and slide guitar, then following a midsection, there's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" overlaid with the sounds of howling blizzard, an ornament falling off the Christmas tree, and a young girl crying.

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There is a fan-made music video for this song.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Wake up, it's Christmas mourn
Those loved have long since gone

The stockings are hung but who cares?
Preserved for those no longer there

Six feet beneath me sleep

Black lights hang from the tree
Accents of dead holly

Whoa mistletoe
(It's growing cold)
I'm seeing ghost
(I'm drinking old)
Red water
Red water
(Red water)
Red water chase them away

My tables been set for but seven
Just last year I dined with eleven

Goddamn ye
Merry gentlemen

Whoa mistletoe
(It's growing cold)
I'm seeing ghosts
(I'm drinking old)
Red water
Red water
(Red water)
Red water chase them away
(Chase them away)
(Don't chase them away)

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