StereoType O Negative (acronym: STON) is a cover band that covers songs in Type O Negative style. This band was founded in 2014, four years after TON broke due to death of Pete Steele. The members like TON and other bands like U2, Wham!, Sparks, and Ryan Paris. To date, the band from Eindhoven, Netherlands had released five cover songs.

The band's debut song, "In the Name of Love (Pride)", a U2 cover, was uploaded to YouTube and was originally released as an April Fools' joke in 2014 and was pretended to be Type O Negative. They were blown away as comments started pouring in. After people doubted this is really true, they changed the band name to StereoType O Negative and added a clear statement in the description that this was a cover and that the joke was over.

Another song, "Dolce Vita", a Ryan Paris cover, was released in 2015. When 2015 holidays came around, Wham! cover "Last Christmas" was released. In 2016, two more songs were uploaded to YouTube — "The Sound of Silence", a silent track except for xylophone and vocals at the end, and "Wicked Game", a Chris Isaak cover.

Songs[edit | edit source]

Carnivore (1984–1987, '94–96, 2006–10, 2017–present as Carnivore A.D.) · Type O Negative (1989–2010) · StereoType O Negative (2014–present) · October Noir (2016–present)
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