"The Profit of Doom" is a song by Type O Negative, included on the seventh album Dead Again, released in 2007. It is a very long track, lasting ten and three quarter minutes. Hence the presence of the word 'Doom' in the title, it is dominantly a doom metal song, though it also contains some gothic metal riffs and grungy basslines. The track is divided into three parts, or subsongs. The first subsong of this track, "Sun Plus Moon Equals Doom", contains rhythms resembling King Crimson; the second subsong is eponymously titled "The Profit of Doom", which is predominantly gothic; the third and last subsong, "My Soul's on Fire", has a doom metal solo. The shouting of Peter Steele in this song is reminiscent of Gwar and deals with the Old Testament’s Book of Revelation and the possibility of the asteroid Apophis impacting Earth on Friday, April 13th, 2029.

"The Profit of Doom" was the first of two singles released from the album Dead Again and the first Type O Negative single to be released on SPV/Steamhammer label. It was released on February 23, 2007, 18 days prior to the album. The song was edited down to four and a half minutes to make it appropriate for the single. As a result, the single version does not have "Sun Plus Moon Equals Doom" part while two other subsongs are shorter, in other words the song starts with the second part of the track "The Profit of Doom".

The title of this track was the working title for the Dead Again album while in development.


Part I: Sun Plus Moon Equals Doom

Goodbye cruel world.

Of this shape a star of five
Also applies to the one with six sides
Against the sun and against the moon
I warn you that these two combined
Will bring man's doom
Of ten horns and seven heads
Count your fingers and the continents
On your head or in you right hand
This new moral code that the media commands

Believe not in their clever words
Because faith inacted are the loudest heard
All these things I say are true
Understood sadly by a chosen few, you

Part II: The Profit of Doom

April 2-0-2-9 the final time
The end my friend in not near
The hour in fact is quite here

When the moon becomes red to guide the risen dead
This means God's turned his back on you
It's a Friday the 13th of course you won't live to see noon

I am a prophet of doom
I am the profit of doom

So now the star has fallen
Washing away the seas
The seventh seal now opens
It's raining your fears

Are you paranoid? The coming asteroid
Has got your name tattooed on it
This stone's called Apophis, it brings Apocalypse

I am a prophet of doom
I am the profit of doom

Part III: My Soul's on Fire

Speak the name of he created thee all to be which should not be spoken
No laws broken

No life and love the stars above which fall upon thee all that
Worship the beast, influence ceased

My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire

My faith is an amber burning ever working towards a greater reward
Serving my Lord

Built his home upon the rock not of the flock but coming
As a shepherd, guarding his herd

My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire

My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire
My soul's on fire

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Band members
Additional personnel
  • Paul Bento – electronics and tambura

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